Wednesday, June 13, 2012

TrollsZine! #5 is Here!

TrollsZine! #5 is here! The fifth issue of the fan-created magazine for Tunnels and Trolls™, edited by Dan Hembree, contains 91 pages of quality content brought to you by the fans of the game for absolutely free. This issue features a solo adventure, “Beneath the Arena”, a GM adventure, “The Horned Hold”, and a short story, “Tall Tales from Trollstone Caverns.” TrollsZine! #5 also includes articles describing bards in T&T, new ideas for making zombies more terrifying, rules for chariots and barding, a fantasy post-apocalyptic campaign world, elaborations for unarmed combat, and clarifications of the 7th edition rules.

Contributors include Stephen Dove, Dan Hembree, Patrice Geille, W. Scott Grant, Tom K. Loney, Dan Prentice, Lee Reynoldson, Jerry Teleha, Mike Tremaine, David Ullery, and Justin Williams. TrollsZine! #5 is illustrated by Billiam Bamble, Alexander Cook, Patrick Crusiau, Stephen Dove, Jeff Freels, Andy Kelly, Steve Robertson, Simon Lee Tranter, David Ullery, Joshua Ullery, Zachary Ullery, and M.E. Volmar, with cover art by David Ullery.

TrollsZine! is a Trollbridge production brought to you with the kind support of Flying Buffalo Inc., Ken St. Andre, and Rick Loomis.

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TrollsZine! #5 is my first issue as sole editor of the 'Zine. It has been quite an experience guiding this project from start to finish. I would like to thank all of the writers, artists, and copy editors that have helped to make this magazine possible. All of the material is freely donated by these talented and creative individuals. I hope that I have done their work justice.

Now go get your copy!