Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tavernmaster Games is Open for Business

If you have not heard, the new website for Tavernmaster Games is now active. Tavernmaster Games is a new company producing material for Tunnels and Trolls composed of a number of well-established, talented, and creative writers and artists including Andy Holmes, Jason Mills, Jeff Freels, M.E. Volmar, Sid Orpin, Simon Lee Tranter, and Andy James. The website itself is quite impressive and shows just what this group can do. I'm looking forward to seeing this new company, and it's catalog, grow over time.

Tavernmaster Games will be releasing both solo adventures and game master adventures for use with Tunnels and Trolls in addition to other material. There are also hints of a number of free items that will be made available. Right now you can find a set of pre-generated characters (Hint: Find the key).

In stock right now are three solo adventures: Tavern by the Sea by Ken St. Andre and Andy Holmes, Formication by Sid Orpin, and Devotion to Duty also by Sid Orpin. These are all available in either pdf or print format.

Stop by the Tavern and have a look around. You won't be disappointed. Be sure to check the Notice Board for links to great T&T themed sites, including this one.


  1. The Tavernmaster site looks great. Yes, I found the key.

  2. Great! Now I won't have to search for Sid Orpin's & AR Holmes' stuff.