Monday, September 15, 2014

TrollsZine! #8 Is Waiting For You!

TrollsZine! #8 is waiting for you!

The eighth issue of the fan-created magazine for Tunnels and Trolls™, edited by Dan Hembree, contains 108 pages of quality content brought to you by the fans of the game for absolutely free. This issue features a science fiction solo adventure, “The Penultimate Place” by David Moskowitz, an underwater GM adventure, “Deep Trouble” by Thessaly Tracy, and a short story, “White Collar Crime” by Mark Thornton. TrollsZine! #8 also includes articles on ocean-going monsters, magically mutated plants, combat stunt resolution, new and exotic riding beasts, secret tribunals, an alternate T&T combat system, rockets, bizarre new spells, and more.

Contributors to TrollsZine! #8 include Grandpa Chet, Craulabesh, E. P. Donahue, Charlie Fleming, Ira Lee Gossett, Dan Hembree, J.C. Lambert, David Moskowitz, Mark Thornton, Thessaly Tracy, and Justin T. Williams.  TrollsZine! #8 is wonderfully illustrated by Alexander Cook, E. P. Donahue, Jeff Freels, J.C. Lambert, Thessaly Tracy, Simon Lee Tranter, and David A. Ullery. The cover art is by Kevin Bracey with the cover layout, design, and TrollsZine! logo by M.E. Volmar and Simon Lee Tranter.

TrollsZine! is a Trollbridge production brought to you with the kind support of Flying Buffalo Inc., Ken St. Andre, and Rick Loomis.

Get you digital copy of TrollsZine! #8 for FREE at the Flying Buffalo storefront at RPGNow.

I would like to thank all of the writers, artists, and copy editors that have helped to make TrollsZine! possible. All of the material is freely donated by these talented and creative individuals. I hope that I have done their work justice.

Now go get your copy! 


  1. Hey! I just added your site to my blogroll- I am putting out free Tunnels & Trolls solo adventures as a blog series (along with some other info) and was wondering if you or your readers would like to check it out.

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