Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Legends of Ogul-Duhr Parts I and II: Two Free T&T Solos from Tavernmaster Games

Tavernmaster Games has done it again. They have re-released two classic solo adventures by Andy Holmes and are offering them as FREE pdfs at their Tavernmaster Games RPGNow storefront. The two adventures are linked and both are set in the Halls of Ogul-Duhr, the ruined stronghold of a clan of ancient mountain dwarves. The first adventure, Halls of the Gorgon, leads your character on an exploration of the ruins in search of dwarven gold and jewels. But beware, a gorgon has laid claim to the ruins and stalks the halls looking for intruders. The second adventure, The Hidden Halls, assumes that someone has slain the gorgon and the Halls have been looted. But there is a secret entrance to the true Halls of the dwarves that lie beneath the caves of Ogul-Duhr. It is here that the greatest treasures of the mountain dwarves may be found. Both adventures are a lot of fun and, as always, deadly; so be warned. But then the rewards for those that survive the Halls may well be worth the risk. Besides they're free so what do you have to lose?

The shadowed Halls of Ogul-Duhr slumber 'neath the cold, harsh, jagged peaks of the Goblin Mountains. Once the lair of a proud race of mountain dwarves, the Halls are now almost in ruin. Since the dwarves left the mountain, adventurers have explored the deep caverns in search of dwarven gold, and some have found great riches. However, recent travellers' tales speak of an evil Gorgon that has claimed the Halls of Ogul-Duhr for her own, turning to unliving stone anyone foolish enough to enter. Still, rumours persist that the Halls are rich in gold, silver and gemstones, discarded by the dwarves. Some say that there are also magical dwarven weapons and armour in the deepest caverns. The Halls await you, filled with treasure and mortal peril.

This solo is aimed at beginner warrior characters with no more than 20 Combat Adds. Magic-users may enter, but are handicapped by the arcane enchantments of the caves and may cast only Take That You Fiend and Vorpal Blade spells. Equip yourself with some scrap paper for notes. Important: scribble down the paragraph numbers as you journey, as you may sometimes need to return to a previous paragraph.

Another mini-solo adventure for Tunnels & Trolls from Andy R Holmes and the Tavernmaster team. Edited to be compatible with version 7/7.5 of the T&T rules this classic solo is once again available.

The stranger trying to sell his scroll is a fool! The Halls of Ogul-Duhr hold no mystery now. The old Gorgon was slain months ago and the caves have been picked clean of treasure. You have even heard that Orcs have moved in!

"Ah, to be sure, squire," the stranger agrees, grinning. "Ye foul creature is dead, 'tis true, but this map shows a SECRET entrance, to the Halls that lie BENEATH the upper caves of Ogul-Duhr! For there waits great wealth and magic!"

"Legends of Ogul-Duhr II: The Hidden Halls" is a free solo adventure written by Andy Holmes for all editions of Tunnels & Trolls. It is suitable for beginner characters with no more than 30 combat adds, though magic-users may find their powers restricted by the eldritch nature of the caves.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Skolari Vaults: A T&T GM Adventure from Lone Delver Games

I have just released a new version of the T&T GM adventure Skolari Vaults: Levels 1 and 2 in cooperation with the author, Mike Hill (aka Hogscape), through my Lone Delver Games storefront at RPGnow. This is an amazing adventure featuring the first two levels of the inverted castle of a renegade Wizard's guild filled with goblins, orcs, undead, traps, and other nasty things. But hey, there's treasure to be found as well; powerful Wizards are never poor after all. The book features an original color cover and 15 original interior black and white illustrations by the talented Jeff Freels.

As with the prequel adventure, Dungeon of the Rat, all proceeds earned from the sale of Skolari Vaults will be donated to the JeffWerx Transplant Fund, which will go toward kidney transplants for Jeff Freels (aka Grumlahk) and his wife Raquel.

You can currently get a pdf copy for $5.00 from RPGnow, but hard copies will be available through my Lulu storefront soon.

Here are the details:
Long ago the mages of the Skolari Order left the Wizard’s Guild and established a fortress on the shores of the Gray Lake - the Skolari Vaults. The Guild, fearing the growing dark power of the Skolari, laid siege to the Vaults. At the battle’s climax, the Guild wizards uprooted the fortress, bore it aloft, and cast it into the ground upside down! The wizards then buried the ruin beneath tons of rock and soil entombing any survivors.

The years passed and the site of the battle became a grass-covered hill. While little of the Skolari is remembered, the solitary hill on the shore of the Gray Lake is rumored to be a cursed place of great peril. This, of course, draws brave but foolhardy delvers by the dozen. Yet the powerful magic that preserved the Vaults ensured that some of the Skolari survived. Others, drawn by the evil power of the fallen wizards, lie in wait for those that dare to enter...THE SKOLARI VAULTS.

This book is a Game Master-run adventure that includes detailed descriptions and maps to the first two levels of the Skolari Vaults. The Skolari Vaults is suited for a party of four to six first to third level characters with a combined total of 20 to 40 personal adds. A good mix of character types is recommended with at least one wizard and one rogue in the group.

The Skolari Vaults is designed for use with Ken St. Andre’s Tunnels & Trolls™ game system. You will need a copy of the T&T™ rules to play this game.

Special Note: All proceeds earned from the sale of The Skolari Vaults will be donated to the Jeff and Raquel Freels Transplant Fund ( Jeff is a great friend and contributor to the Tunnels & Trolls™ community. Both he and his wife are in need of kidney transplants. Jeff contributed the cover and all of the interior art for this adventure.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Two New T&T GM Adventures from Furious Rabbit

Furious Rabbit? Don't worry Bors, it won't take your head off. It's simply the name of a new small press T&T publisher on RPGNow run by Peter Seckler. Peter has already released two GM adventures for T&T 7.5 (of course these can be easily used with any edition) this month, Crystal of Mythrynyx and Seal of Ceron. Both offer something a bit different from your standard fantasy adventure. Crystal of Mythrynyx is a large adventure (61 rooms on 3 levels) that starts out as a standard dungeon crawl, but quickly turns into a descent into another dimension. This adventure has a lot of tough and unique opponents to overcome, but also includes some really nice puzzles, a few with player handouts, that take some thought and dexterity as well as (my favorite) an insanity table. Seal of Ceron is a shorter adventure (playable in one session), but no less interesting. The characters are hired by a mysterious leprechaun to copy some magical runes from a stone hidden away in a sea cave. Once that is done, however, the stone must be destroyed. It sounds simple enough, but who are your employers? This adventure also has the appearance of a standard dungeon-crawl, but there are some nice twists, turns, plenty of puzzles and mysteries to solve, as well as an outdoor adventure component.

You can pick up both adventures from the Furious Rabbit storefront at RPGNow for only $0.99 each. At that price there's no reason not to check these out.

Crystal of Mythrynyx

"What begins as a simple descent into unknown adventure, soon becomes a delve into the mind of the mad wizard Hypernicles..Strange rivalries, horror and madness abound!"

What we have here is a truly old-school classic GM adventure for Tunnels & Trolls 7.5. There are 2 main levels, and one sublevel. There are 61 detailed rooms, wandering monsters, treasures, interesting puzzles, and devious traps! Psionics, aliens, and necromancy are major themes to this dungeon as well! This is the first release from Furious Rabbit and we hope to share more of our creations with you.

Seal of Ceron

"A milk run!" chuckled the leprechaun.

You and your party are getting paid well enough to travel to a set of obscure sea-caves, find some ancient inscription, and get a copy of it. Oh, and there's this other part about having to destroy the original. But then things start to get seriously weird! Find your way through a forgotten dungeon full of ancient, alien secrets.

Features new monsters! New art! New NPCs! All around great adventure, suitable for a single evening of play...and possibly a prelude to some major destruction in your local campaign city.

This is a GM adventure for Tunnels & Trolls 7.5.

Friday, July 12, 2013

City of Terrors for dT&T Released!

That's right, the classic solo City of Terrors by Mike Stackpole has been released in pdf at RPGNow for a mere $4.95. If you backed the Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Kickstarter campaign, however, you should have gotten it for free. The solo has been revised so that it is compatible with dT&T rules and is available in pdf for the first time. The adventure has been lengthened a bit (6 new paragraphs) and some new art was added. Of course there is the "new" cover as well. The original (and amazing) black and white cover by Liz Danforth was revised and digitally painted giving you glimpse of Gull and some of the characters you may encounter within it's walls as well as some of the key figures in the development of the solo. The interior art is still a wonder, featuring classics by Rob Carver and Liz Danforth.

This is truly one of the most interesting solos published by Flying Buffalo back in the 1980s. Set in the deadly city of Gull, you can engage in 23 different adventures in an urban environment. There's everything from battling orcs to space aliens. This is not an adventure for starting characters, however. As the description says you can have a maximum of 275 adds; you will need them. If your character does happen to die on the streets of Gull, there is an adventure that gives you a second chance, if you remember how to get to it (see the Introduction for details). City of Terrors is a "must have" and a "must play" for fans of T&T. It's also a nice way to introduce a new player to the potentials of the game.

Here are the details from the Flying Buffalo storefront at RPGNow:

The deluxe outdoor adventure in the city of Gull, on the sun-baked isle of Phoron. Meet strange denizens and dangerous foes in this massive solitaire adventure for Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls. Can you uncover the secret that is lurking in the shadows, as you fight for survival in in the streets and buildings of Gull? This longer Deluxe edition of City of Terrors has been updated by Ken St. Andre to be compatible with the new Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls rpg and includes additional options for players and new art, including a gorgeous new color version of the classic Liz Danforth/Rob Carver cover digitally painted by Steve Crompton. For one character of any type, up to 275 adds.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Stone Dragon Solstice: A Free T&T GM Adventure from Tavernmaster Games

Tavernmaster Games has been releasing some very high-quality and completely free material for Tunnels & Trolls. Their newest free release is a GM adventure, Stone Dragon Solstice, by the incredibly imaginative Jason Mils. You can go to Jason's T&T Vital Spot website for even more free GM adventures. Stone Dragon Solstice is not a typical adventure; Jason does not write typical adventures. Don't expect a lot of combat, but there are many puzzles to solve and great opportunities for role playing. This adventure includes some interesting gimmicks including a set of audio files to download, a puzzle for the players to solve consisting of a broken dragon statue to put together (dragon statue not included), a rather sneaky scroll, and even more. Running the Stone Dragon will certainly take some preparation, but it looks like it would be worth the effort.

Here are the details from the Tavernmaster Games storefront at RPGNow:

Centuries ago, Yllburn was King of Dragons and scourge of mankind. But the wizards united and turned him to stone. One mercy only they allowed him: that each midsummer he might return to life for one day, putting his mighty powers of enchantment in the hands of his rescuers. Can the adventurers struggle past riddles, trials and puzzles to win their heart's desires on Stone Dragon Solstice?

This GM dungeon is for a handful of low-level characters. It is written for Tunnels & Trolls version 7.5, but is readily adaptable for other editions. Accompanying sound effects are available free on the Tavernmaster Games page of the DriveThru RPG website. Note that this dungeon requires extra materials - fun gimmicks that are fully described in the text - and the GM will need to source these separately.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Bedlam: A T&T Solo by Andy Holmes Re-Released by Tavernmaster Games

Andy Holmes is one of the best writers of T&T solo adventures in my opinion. He has the ability to convey real dread through his writing. Bedlam, released in pdf today by Tavernmaster Games, is an excellent example of Andy's horror-themed adventures. But this is not a typical adventure. While most solo adventures involve exploring crypts, ancient ruins, or tunnels, this one requires entering an asylum to rescue a missing nobleman. Who knows what terrors lie within? Like all of Andy's solos, Bedlam is atmospheric and fun, but you should not expect an easy victory.

Bedlam contains 38 pages with 200 paragraphs and features a full color cover and interior art by Jeff Freels. You can get the pdf from RPGnow for only $3.00. All proceeds earned from the sale of this solo will go to the JeffWerx Transplant Fund to help raise money for a kidney transplant for artist Jeff Freels and his wife.

Here are the details from the Tavernmaster storefront at RPGNow:

Many speak in hushed tones of the dark asylum brooding atop Goblin Moors, and of the unspeakable horrors that dwell within. Its sinister Master comes to town for supplies only at night, before his accursed carriage speeds away to the nightmarish building that is Bedlam. People vanish on the moors, and their corpses are found months later - drained of blood!

Recently, new scandal surrounds the asylum: the son of a nobleman disappeared on a hunting trip on the moors. His father has offered a reward for his rescue, but it is believed that the Master has imprisoned him in the asylum for some foul purpose. Will you, brave soul, being of sound mind, pass through the portal of madness into Bedlam?

Bedlam is open to any character up to level 3 with no more than 35 combat adds. Spell-casting does not work in the strange asylum, but magic-users are free to try their luck regardless. This classic solo adventure with over 200 paragraphs is compatible with all versions of Tunnels & Trolls and is here presented at last in its definitive edition.